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Hydrogeochemistry characteristics of groundwater and health risk assessment in Yalvac-Gelendost basin (Turkey)

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dc.creator Batur, Burcu
dc.creator DAVRAZ, Ayşen
dc.date 2021-04-01T00:00:00Z
dc.date.accessioned 2021-12-03T12:02:36Z
dc.date.available 2021-12-03T12:02:36Z
dc.identifier c9f81f5e-876c-482f-91d4-a1b7131ce8c1
dc.identifier 10.1007/s13201-021-01401-9
dc.identifier https://avesis.sdu.edu.tr/publication/details/c9f81f5e-876c-482f-91d4-a1b7131ce8c1/oai
dc.identifier.uri http://acikerisim.sdu.edu.tr/xmlui/handle/123456789/94860
dc.description In this study, hydrogeochemical processes controlling groundwater chemistry and groundwater quality were investigated. Drinking water is supplied from groundwater (mostly spring and well water) in the study area. The various parameters such as physicochemical parameters, major ions, trace elements and nitrogen derivatives of groundwater samples of were analyzed. These analysis results are compared with drinking water standards for suitability and it does not exceed the permissible limit values, except for the As and F contents of some samples. The results of major ion chemistry of groundwater in the Yalvac-Gelendost basin suggest that the silicate weathering and ion exchange are the main controlling hydrogeochemical processes in the variation of groundwater quality. The water types are Ca-Mg-HCO3, Mg-Ca-HCO3 and Ca-HCO3 in the basin. Non-carcinogenic health risk assessment associated with arsenic, nitrate and fluoride was assessed by oral (ingestion) and dermal pathways for adult and child. For child, hazard coefficient and hazard index values are less than 1, and a negative effect on usage as drinking water and dermal (skin contact) absorption not expected. But, potential non-carcinogenic effect with oral intake is likely to occur for some water samples for adults. In addition, carcinogenic risk of As element was evaluated for adults and child related to oral and dermal effect. The carcinogenic risk of As through oral intake may pose health risks for children. For adults, it has been determined that water ingestion with dermal exposure may cause cancer. Arsenic is the main toxic element for human health in the study area. The content of As decreases in seasonal water samples. In this case, the negative effect of arsenic intake with ingestion and dermal pathways on health decreases.
dc.language eng
dc.rights info:eu-repo/semantics/closedAccess
dc.title Hydrogeochemistry characteristics of groundwater and health risk assessment in Yalvac-Gelendost basin (Turkey)
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article

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